Sierra Leone

We believe that poverty does not need a handout.
It cries for EMPOWERMENT. 

Why Sierra Leone?

Poverty and Economic Hardship

Sierra Leone one of the worlds poorest nations (ranked 182nd out of 189 countries in the 2020 Human Development Index), faces the pervasive challenge of 89.4% living in poverty. This accentuates the critical need for comprehensive interventions aimed at uplifting communities and fostering sustainable development.

Clean Water Crisis

In Sierra Leone, 55% of the population lacks access to clean water. The ongoing clean water crisis compounds health challenges and impedes socio-economic progress, highlighting the critical need for sustainable solutions to safeguard the well-being of all.

Lack of Literacy

With a mere 43.2% adult literacy rate, Sierra Leone faces formidable educational barriers, limiting opportunities for socio-economic progress and highlighting the urgent need for enhanced educational access and empowerment initiatives.

Short Life Expectancy

In Sierra Leone, life expectancy is only 54 years, highlighting the significant health challenges within the population. Through our holistic initiatives, we aim to improve health outcomes and quality of life, empowering individuals to thrive and reach their full potential.

Sierra Leone Team Leaders

These 4 core leaders oversee about 30 staff members.

Dr. Roland Turay

Director of Operations

Namusa Sesay


Robert Koroma


Kadiatu Kanu


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