Together we are breaking the cycle of poverty.

Why India?

Poverty and Economic Hardship

It may be hard to imagine a country where hundreds of millions can't even read, a place where hunger gnaws at the bellies of over 300 million people, but this is the reality for India, a nation with a staggering 287 million illiterate adults, a number that makes up a whopping 37% of the world's total! Even worse, women are disproportionately affected, with 59% of the illiterate population being female.

Hunger for Jesus

Despite their hardships, millions in India, know Jesus and yearn to share His message. They're brimming with faith for and a desire to spread the Good News, that's where ILF comes in.

Holistic Ministery in Action

ILF’s programs in India are created by Indians, for Indians. 100% of our ministry partners in India are Indian nationals!

Our role is to Engage, Equip, and Empower local leaders so they can Serve and minster to their communities in a gospel centered environment. Our holistic approach to Christian ministry is to serve underprivileged communities, addressing their basic needs in both education, spiritual and health through various programs.

ILF partners with local leads and supports the spiritual and leadership development of over 100 leaders. This encompasses spiritual support and mentorship, financial assistance, and project-based support. 

Let's Impact lives together.

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