About Us

What began as humble humanitarian outreach, the Impact a Life Foundation has blossomed into a Christ-led mission, touching lives in Sierra Leone and India.

Our Story

ILF started in 2007 as a humanitarian outreach to underprivileged areas in India and Nepal. ILF has since evolved into a faith-based ministry currently active in Sierra Leone and India.

Our vision

To empower, engage, and grow leaders who may lead their communities out of the depths of poverty, and inspire future generations in a Gospel-centered environment.

our Approach

ILF’s holistic approach to Christian ministry is to serve underprivileged communities, addressing their basic needs in both education and health through various programs.


Our role is to Engage, Equip, and Empower local leaders so they can Serve and minster to their communities in a gospel centered environment.

Meet the team

Cyrus Mafi

“Today, though my conviction in humanitarian outreach is the same, my motivation takes an ever evolving root in my faith.“

Anthony Nelson

Board Member
“ILF provides a great way for me to serve in an organization with a vision that I believe in wholeheartedly.”

Britan Cosand

Director of Ministry
“Being a part of ILF is to see the gospel lived out in practical ways. I cannot imagine a better place to volunteer.“

Viet Nguyen

Board Member
“Being part of the team lets me fully engage with the body of Christ and to further His Kingdom—serving humbly and empowered by the Holy Spirit.“

Our Mission

Minister to every dimension of human need and seeks wholeness at every level of the individual and their communities. We value every person as a unique and marvelous creation, bought by Christ, destined for eternity.

Together we can work to break the cycle of poverty.

Our Goals for 2024

Connect 200 Children with Loving Sponsors
We want to connect the global body of Christ by cultivating lasting relationships.

We are currently supporting over 300 students in Africa and India.

Our goal for 2024 is to connect 200 children with loving sponsors to provide for their spiritual, educational, and physical wellbeing through our Child Sponsorship Program.
Perform 120 Hernia Surgeries
Our goal is to fund 10 hernia surgeries per month in Sierra Leone, where many are affected. Hernia repair surgery in Sierra Leone costs only $120!

Impact A Life Foundation is among the few organizations in Sierra Leone that have recognized this problem. We identify affected individuals, currently in the Makeni area in the Bambali district, and provide the necessary medical attention to combat this curable but unspoken epidemic.
5 Free Meals Each Week
In 2023, we aimed to provide 3 free meals per week to around 300 students, totaling 900 meals weekly, ensuring each child's nutritional needs were met as they learned and grew.

This year, we're striving to increase our free meal offerings to 5 per week per child. With 300 students divided between Sierra Leone and India, that's 1,500 meals weekly, costing about $3 each. Your direct support to this campaign helps us nourish bodies, minds, and spirits, fostering an environment where every student can thrive.
Add 20 Cows to the Dairy Farm in India
Starting with 5 buffaloes in 2024, our goal is to add 50 more to the herd by the end of year 2025. This project, with grace of God, will combat poverty by providing sustainable income and food over 350 families.

Learn more about the project we're calling 'Got Milk'.
Install Water Purifying Plant
Addressing basic needs in underprivileged communities is paramount.

Our goal in 2024 is to install a water purifying plant in the communities we serve in India, ensuring accessible, clean water for 15-20 villages. This initiative is crucial for improving health and well-being in these areas. Help us reach this goal by donating to this project.
Double the Reach of 'Beauty For Ashes'
In 2024, our aim was to double the reach of our Widow Empowerment Ministry, Beauty For Ashes, from 50 to 100 widows.

We're thrilled to announce that we achieved this milestone by March 2024!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this ministry, impacting lives in profound ways. As we move forward, we ask for your continued prayers and support for these women as they journey towards empowerment.

Give directly to the powerful work of the Beauty For Ashes ministry. 
God continues to guide us forward, opening doors and illuminating our path.
We anticipate amazing things for the communities ILF serves in 2024 and would love your partnership as we keep the ball rolling!