Teach a Man to Fish

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
— Chinese Proverb

Trade Apprenticeship and Vocation Program

Empowering Communities Through Trade Skills
Sierra Leone has a wealth of potential, but a shortage of skilled workers and lack of financial resources has hindered its economic growth. We believe that Engaging, Equipping and Empowering the communities will bridge this gap.

ILF’s Trade Apprenticeship and Vocational Program is more than just a training course. It's a gospel-based empowerment tool that equips local men and women with the skills they need to become self-sufficient. A program that aims to strengthen families and weaken the grip of unemployment in our communities.
LF is partnering with OIC International, a local trade school in Sierra Leone, to provide the following vocational training opportunities:
Auto Mechanics 
Home Management 
Metal Works 
Agric Survey 
Electrical engineering 
Computer Science

Imagine the IMPACT!

Ten graduates from our 18-month program could return to their villages and train 10 or more others. Within five years, a single village could be transformed into a hub of skilled workers, ready to contribute to their community's development!
By investing in people both spiritually and vocationally, we hope to create a sustainable and Christ centered environment where communities can experience long-term growth, reach their full potential.