The Goal Set Before Us

Big News! Thanks to your unwavering support—both in prayers and generous donations—Impact A Life Ministry (ILF) has already conquered two remarkable milestones for 2024:

Beauty for Ashes

Our Widows Empowerment Ministry in India has connected with over 50 widows. Exciting update! We're renaming it 'Beauty for Ashes' from Isaiah 61:3, “the Lord freely gives beauty for ashes,” and expanding to assist another 50 widows starting in March. This transformative program aims to instill hope, restoration, and empowerment, enabling widows to embrace a brighter future through the hope found in Jesus Christ.

Nourishing Minds

In line with our 2024 prayer, we've provided one free daily meal for each of our 300 students—200 in Sierra Leone and 100 in India. Praise the Lord! We've reached this goal, providing 1500 free meals weekly (up from 900). This achievement reflects our dedication to nourishing bodies, minds, and spirits, creating an environment where every student can thrive.
These accomplishments wouldn't have been possible without you. Together, we're illuminating lives with the hope of Jesus. As we celebrate these victories, we're grateful for every member of the ILF family. Your commitment propels our mission forward, and we eagerly anticipate reaching even greater heights with your continued support.