Faith In Action

Our ILF soccer team has been volunteering in the community to earn cleats. Will you help us reward their efforts?
In 2019, the ILF Football Club was created to give kids a fun and safe environment to build soccer and life skills. ILF FC is now 80 players and 5 volunteer coaches strong, most of which play barefoot or in sandals!

Players also participate in the ILF FC Community Service Project. This gives the players the chance to give back to their villages as well as earn a pair of soccer cleats for their service! ILF FC youth and coaches have taken one day per week to clean their community and school grounds, help mentor younger students, and assist their teachers in the classroom.

ILF Board to Travel to Mankneh

This October, the entire ILF Board will travel to Mankneh, Sierra Leone with a small team of volunteers. We plan to bring a pair of cleats for each of our players and coaches to honor their commitment to serving their community.

Our goal is to raise $2,000 to cover the expense of these cleats.

Will You Join Us? 

Listen to Bai Monsaray share his experience as the coach of ILF FC: