Delayed Obedience is Disobedience

ILF has partnered with leaders in India for over a year, and we stand in awe of the all that God has done and is doing. From education, sustainable vocation programs to salvations and baptisms, we are humbled to be a part of holistic development and change there.

This week, ILF’s founder and Chairman, Cyrus, will be in India to encourage and learn from ILF partners!
“Let us not love in on word or talk alone, but in deed and truth.”

1 John 3:18

Cyrus will focus on the following areas during his trip:

Encouraging Church Leaders

Cyrus will have the privilege of meeting and ministering to over 80 church leaders who have been receiving weekly biblical trainings and financial support.

Widow Engagement Program

He will visit and minister to the ILF Widow Empowerment Program, which serves 50 women in various communities. With this program, we strive to provide holistic support to widows, helping them find hope, purpose, and sustainable livelihoods.

Projects for Sustainable Living

Cyrus will have the opportunity to visit various projects, including ILF's dairy farm, which provides sustainable living for the poor. 

Encourage Gospel-Centered Education

He will visit the ILF-supported school, which serves 100 students with a gospel-centered curriculum. 
“The Lord wants us to have a presence there and God is going to do something beyond our expectations and imagination. It will involve our gifting, resources, and hearts. So I am walking into India with open hands.”

- Cyrus

Will You Pray with Us?

We invite you to join us in prayer for Cyrus and the ILF programs taking place in India this week:

  1. Safety and Travel: Pray for Cyrus's safe travels to, from and within India. 
  2. Wisdom and Direction: Ask the Lord to grant Cyrus wisdom and discernment in every decision and interaction during his time in India. 
  3. Encouragement and Spiritual Growth: Pray for the many people Cyrus will minister to during his visit. Ask God to use Cyrus's words, presence, and prayers to bring encouragement, inspiration, and growth in their faith journeys.