A holistic ministry that entails more than sponsoring a program

Staying committed to the holistic approach of the Gospel, ILF’s goal is to minister to the whole body, soul, and mind. We cannot achieve that if we neglect the basic needs common in most underprivileged communities. Therefore, education, health, hygiene, clean water, and medical attention are among the most important free services provided by ILF.

ILF’s mission is focused on four major criteria:

Make an impact with Health and Wellness program
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  • Nutrition and hygiene
  • Clean water
  • Hernia repair
  • Medical attention
Make an impact with our Christian Education program
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  • Revive Africa Christian School
  • Teacher certification program
Make an impact with our Discipleship Ministry program
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  • Revive Christian Church
  • Pastoral training and certification program
  • Bible camps
  • Community outreach
Make an impact with our Impact a Life Sustainability program
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  • Adult Vocational and literacy programs
  • Community hygiene education
  • Sustainable farming programs