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Discipleship Ministry

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In Sierra Leone, Islam is the majority religion with roughly 78% of the country’s population being Muslim. Christianity makes up roughly 20.9% of the population.

In India, Hindu is the major religion with roughly 80% of the country's population practicing Hinduism. Christianity makes up roughly 2.3% of the population. 

Impact a Life Foundation (ILF) is a Christian-based ministry. We believe in a holistic view of the gospel that demonstrates the love of God not just through words, but also through actions. While we desire for the communities we serve to know Jesus, our philosophy of ministry is to address the spiritual, physical, social, and mental aspects of a person. Our mission is accomplished through projects and programs aimed at empowering local leaders, building self-sustainability, and addressing health and wellness.

We ENGAGE in the community through the following programs:

  • Revive Christian Church
  • Pastoral training and certification program
  • Bible camps
  • Local community outreach
  • Holistic outreach


Revive Christian Churches

At the center of all of ILF’s programs is the church. ILF has two church buildings which hold weekly services, bible studies, mentoring and community outreach activities. These buildings represent and are designed to draw the communities we serve into greater understanding of the God of the Bible. Local community leaders participate in pastoral training (hyperlink) and are empowered to lead with both knowledge and skill. While ILF’s convictions of faith are grounded in the Bible, we do not deny services or force these beliefs on the community or surrounding communities.

Pastoral Training and Certificate Program

ILF has a multi-faceted approach to pastoral training. This is through church-based and formal pastoral training. We believe that church-based training, mentoring, and ministry experience are essential components of preparing for pastoral ministry. Interested community members are given various opportunities to serve and develop in their passion both in their personal relationship with Christ as well as their desire to be a pastor. They are given the opportunity to be individually mentored by Dr Roland Turay and/or ILF’s Director of Ministry, are involved in evangelism and given opportunity to speak at gatherings and services. Participants are given weekly pastoral training provided by local leaders and supplemented by ILF’s Director of Ministry.

Formal training is completed through ILF paid enrollment at The Wesleyan College of Theology. This is a a 3-year program which equips individuals to serve their community and present the gospel with confidence.

Bible Camps

As part of ILF’s community outreach, local leaders and teachers run Bible camps and sports camps bi-annually. The focus of these is to prepare the next generation of leaders of Sierra Leone to live safe, healthy and productive lives. While the focus is on Gospel centered teaching, education on clean water, sanitation, human trafficking and nutrition are presented as well.

Surrounding communities are invited to participate as well as community members participating in ILF’s programs. They engage in crafts, songs, activities and educational programs. All participants are given lodging and meals for the duration of the program. This is a free program to all who attend.

Community Outreach

ILF has developed community outreach as a result of community members desiring a tangible way to share their faith with those around them. As a result, surrounding communities have been invited to participate in farming and feeding programs, health and hygiene workshops, Gospel centered video events, sports and Bible camps for youth, and church-based programs. Local leadership hold gospel centered movie events in surrounding areas and are active in preaching at various communities in surrounding areas. Through sports and Bible camps, over 500 children as well as parents/guardians of these children, have had the opportunity to hear about the love of God through Jesus.

All evangelism and outreach is followed with an invitation to discipleship through Revive Christian Church.  “It is out of our love for God that we desire to help others,” stated James Tholley, a community leader in Mankneh. Over 400 salvations and baptisms have taken place in the last 3 years.

Holistic Outreach

In response to the need for face masks during Corona virus epidemic of 2020, ILF created what we now call the Holistic Outreach Ministry. During the early months of the pandemic, ILF had access to sewing machines and was able to purchase enough fabric from the local sources to make over one thousand masks. The ILF team was mobilized and quickly began distribution of those masks to neighboring villages. As we were distributing masks, our team was able to share their personal testimonies of faith and shine to light of Christ to villages that were in need. This is how ILF’s Holistic Outreach Ministry began. 

ILF’s Holistic Outreach team looks for communities with a tangible need, develops a plan to address those needs and as needs are addressed, we share the message of Christ with those that choose to listen. The needs that are most often addressed are medical, education on personal hygiene, water and proper nourishment. Our prayer is that by serving the needs of these communities, both physically and spiritually, Jesus Christ will not only be revealed, but also received.

Please consider supporting our Discipleship Ministry program

Teachers who are called to become pastors receive pastoral training by ILF’s ministry director and will serve not only at the Revive Christian Church but also are the local spiritual leaders in their community.

Annual college tuition: $350

Donations for Discipleship Ministry will support:

  • Revive Christian Church
  • Pastoral training and certification program
  • Bible camps
  • Community outreach