Transportation in Sierra Leone

On October 19th a team of volunteers will be heading back to Sierra Leone, Africa. Leading up to the trip, our volunteers will be guest posting here each day.

Impact A Life: Sierra Leone, Africa – Transportation
Written by: Shauna Myron

The way of transportation in Sierra Leone is impressive, scary, and jaw dropping. On the highway, it’s not unusual to see huge loads strapped on cars and vans. Often, there are people hanging off the vehicle, or sitting on top of a huge load on top of the vehicle.

In town, the main mode of transportation is by motorcycle. If you need to get from point A to point B, all you need to do is stand on the roadside and holler out, “bike bike!” Motorcycle taxis will come to your rescue!

The main highway into town is paved, but the surrounding roads are not. The roads are rough, and not something I would ever consider riding a normal motorcycle on (Dirtbike? Yes. Streetbike? NO!). When I get on the back of a bike, I feel like I’m handing my life over to that driver, and I thank God that the drivers are familiar with the road conditions and experienced with their unique traffic. I choose not to watch the roadbecause it’s crazy, and I’m at the mercy of my driver, so I try to enjoy the scenery while en route. There’s a lot of honking as they go – they zig and zag and honk and honk…

Our team is very fortunate to have Roland Turay driving us around in a 4×4 when we are visiting, so we don’t typically need to hitch rides on bikes. Roland is a very cautious driver, and we are so thankful for his many talents (which reach far beyond driving skills)!

Stay tuned, more to come – tomorrow!

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