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Adult Vocational and Literacy Programs

Our approach to holistic ministry is to, among other things, promote self-sufficiency. It is our desire to impart God’s plan to both youth and adults in the communities we serve. By investing in their lives through our Vocational Program, we hope to help them flourish and become pillars of strength in their community.

We launched several programs in the fall of 2018 in Mankneh community.

  • Farming  the community now self-sufficiently grows their own crops providing food for their families
  • Adult Literacy  the ability to read and write at a basic level could be considered a fundamental human right. We utilize Bible stories and entry-level learning tools to promote literacy
  • Tailoring – providing a sewing education allows the community provide school uniforms for our students, as well as run their own micro-business
  • Soap Making  in tandem with our Clean Water and Hygiene Training program, the locals learn to make their own soap and use it the soap at “Tippy Tap” hand washing stations throughout the village – this keeps everyone healthier

What the future holds:

Self-sufficiency is a major pillar of a sustainable environment. Though our facilities are limited, we are hopeful that through God’s grace and our donor support, we can expand these programs to nearby communities by 2020.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Please consider supporting our Impact a Life Sustainability programs

Help us help the adult members of the community flourish to become pillars of strength, inspired leaders and faithful providers.
Cost per vocation/literacy class: $20

Donations for Impact a Life Sustainability Program will support:

  • Adult Vocational and literacy programs
  • Community hygiene education
  • Sustainable farming program

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Please consider supporting our Impact a Life Sustainability programs

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