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Farming is a significant part of the economy in Sierra Leone, accounting for 58% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) where 2/3rd of the population are involved in subsistence agriculture (farmers grow food crops to feed themselves and their families).

Rice is the most important staple crop in Sierra Leone with 85% of farmers cultivating rice during the rainy season with an annual consumption of 76 kg per person. Our approach to holistic ministry is to, among other things, promote self-sufficiency and, as a result, Impact a Life Foundation’s (ILF) Sustainable Farming Program was designed to empower the communities to utilize abandoned, but otherwise healthy farm fields to build a strong, long lasting subsistence agriculture.

Our Sustainable Farming Program was launched in Mankneh village outside Makeni in Northern Sierra Leone. With 100% community support and participation, and a God-dependent mentality, ILF has helped convert over 100 acres of bare land to become a healthy, sustainable food source, producing over 50,000 lbs. of rice in 2018.

By God’s grace, and your financial support, we are working towards:

  •     Expanding to nearby communities in 2019-2020
  •     Empowering over 300 farming families
  •     Increasing the Rice harvest to 100,000 lbs. per year
  •     Planting over 4,000 avocado (2019) and Cassava trees (2020)

“The Lord will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest.” (Psalm 85:12)

Please consider supporting our Impact a Life Sustainability programs

Help us help the adult members of the community flourish to become pillars of strength, inspired leaders and faithful providers.
Cost per vocation/literacy class: $20

Donations for Impact a Life Sustainability Program will support:

  • Adult Vocational and literacy programs
  • Community hygiene education
  • Sustainable farming program

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Please consider supporting our Impact a Life Sustainability programs

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