Our Roots

Impact a Life foundation (ILF) was started in 2007 as a humanitarian outreach to underprivileged areas in India and Nepal. ILF has since evolved into a faith-based ministry currently active in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

We are an ambitious group of believers who value the importance of self-motivation, local leadership, and community participation. ILF’s holistic approach to Christian ministry is to serve underprivileged communities, addressing their basic needs in both education and health through various programs.

Our Vision

To empower, engage, and grow leaders so that they may lead their communities out of the depths of poverty, become self-sustaining, and rise up to lead future generations in a Gospel-centered environment.

How We Do It

Staying committed to the holistic approach of the Gospel, our goal is to minister to the whole mind, body, and soul. We can not achieve that if we neglect the basic needs common in most underprivileged communities. This is why education, health, hygiene, clean water, and medical attention are some of the most important free services provided by Impact a Life Foundation.

Core Focus

This is one of the most important aspects of ILF community development. It has not only minimized the operations cost associated with outside leadership, but it has also created the pride of ownership and accomplishment that may otherwise feel absent among the local communities.

Education is one of the most important investments a community can make in its people and its future. ILF’s Revive Africa Christian School currently serves 120 students, K-6th grade. (learn more…)

Our Clean Water Program aims to provide safe and readily available water to not just the recipients of our programs, but surrounding communities as well. The wells provide clean water, year round and through our clean water program, we are reaching people from all over the region as they come to the Revive Africa project villages to obtain clean water for their families. (learn more…)

Vocation/Adult Literacy School is an opportunity for the adult members of the community to participate in tailoring, farming, soap making, and literacy classes to help them flourish and become pillars of strength in their community. (learn more…)

Pastoral and Leadership Training guides men and women who desire to be spiritual and community leaders through weekly pastoral training sessions. This involves biblical teaching, worship, and culminates into leadership opportunities to put to practice what they have learned. (learn more…)

Health and Hygiene Training empowers communities to take control of their own health and wellbeing.  We work with our team in Sierra Leone to educate entire communities on best practices relating to their health and hygiene. We teach the girls and women in the community about their menstruation cycles, and we equip them with reusable/washable kits to help them during their period. It’s common in low income countries for girls to drop out of school when they get their period. They feel embarrassed and don’t know how to manage during this time and often resort to very unsanitary practices.  With the proper education and supplies, girls in our program are now empowered to stay in school and get the education they deserve. (learn more…)

With the participation of local farmers, we have converted over 100 acres of otherwise abandoned land into a healthy, sustainable food source which provides a plentiful harvest of rice 2x/year. (learn more…)

Thank you for making an impact...

If learning about our mission makes your heart burst with joy and excitement, consider joining us in Africa where you can share in the privilege to glorify God’s Kingdom.

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