Aiming to be “the doers of the word…”

Our Roots

Impact a Life foundation (ILF) was started in 2007 as a humanitarian outreach to underprivileged areas in India and Nepal. ILF has since evolved into a faith-based ministry currently active in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

We are an ambitious group of believers who value the importance of self-motivation, local leadership, and community participation. ILF’s holistic approach to Christian ministry is to serve underprivileged communities, addressing their basic needs in both education and health through various programs.

Our Vision

To empower, engage, and grow leaders so that they may lead their communities out of the depths of poverty, become self-sustaining, and rise up to lead future generations in a Gospel-centered environment.

How We Do It

Staying committed to the holistic approach of the Gospel, our goal is to minister to the whole mind, body, and soul. We can not achieve that if we neglect the basic needs common in most underprivileged communities. This is why education, health, hygiene, clean water, and medical attention are some of the most important free services provided by Impact a Life Foundation.

Core Focus

Only when the needs of health and wellness are met can individuals focus on improving their community. We EMPOWER through the following programs:

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According to Children International, “education is one of the most powerful ways to reduce poverty and improve health, gender equality, peace, and stability.” We EQUIP individuals through the following programs:

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Impact a Life Foundation (ILF) is a Christian-based ministry. We believe in a holistic view of the gospel that demonstrates the love of God not just through words, but also through actions. We ENGAGE in the community through the following programs:

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The dream of a parent is the same everywhere… Provide for your family. We EMPOWER the adult members of the community to flourish and become pillars of strength, inspired leaders, and faithful providers through the following programs:

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If learning about our mission makes your heart burst with joy and excitement, consider joining us in Africa where you can share in the privilege to glorify God’s Kingdom.

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