From our heart to yours, we wish to take a moment to thank you all for your support, encouragement, prayers, and most importantly for your generosity in 2018.

Together, in faith, we have made a real difference, reaching the hearts of many.

With your support, we accomplished quite a few things for a remote village in Sierra Leone, including but not limited to:

• Children in Mankneh Village no longer go to bed hungry
• The families in Mankneh have a school and a church to call their own
• Mankneh now has a source of clean water
• We established a community hygiene program with a dedicated nurse on staff who tends to the whole village
• The villagers launched a sustainable farming program that produced over 25,000 pounds of rice in the last harvest (October 2018)
• ILF has sent over 100 men, women, & children to the local hospital to have lifesaving hernia repair surgeries
• And evermore important, we were blessed to witness close to 400 salvations over the past two years.

Thank you for being the true gift of Christmas to us and in this season of hope, may God bring happiness, success and bliss in your life, filling it with abundance of smiles and joyful laughter.