ILF Holistic Ministry Model

When we started our ministry in Sierra Leone back in 2016, we noticed a difference on how many ministries approach their Christian mission. Some who mainly believe that preaching the Gospel is powerful enough to transform the condition of poverty and therefore make social ministries irrelevant. And others who are convinced that in order to tackle the problems of the communities, what is needed is action “by Christian ministries along with involving kindhearted people”,

By definition, a holistic ministry does not separate the spiritual transformation and social action. Instead, it attends to every dimension of human need and pursues wholeness at every level of the individuals and their communities. It relies on the power of God’s Spirit to model a ministry that follows Christ’s example. That is what we believe God’s holistic vision is for ILF ministry.

The following is an ongoing, commentary by ILF board members to our staff. These interactive sessions are meant to encourage our team (and others who share the same conviction) as we promote ILF’s holistic values in action.

Holistic Vision