Lives are being Changed!

Since first coming to Sierra Leone in 2016, ILF has seen remarkable changes in the lives of those we have encountered. Lives that were once riddled with illness from a contaminated water source, now have access to clean drinking water from a well built by the community. Hundreds of lives that suffered from life threatening hernias, have now received the necessary surgeries and are hernia free. Lives suffering from illnesses common to Sierra Leone, such as malaria, typhoid, and diarrhea, now have access to medications to make them well. Lives are being changed…

These positive changes in physical health within the communities ILF serves have brought about remarkable changes in the mental health as well. A community that once embraced a mindset of poverty, is now working to create a brick-making business to employ members of their community. Two communities that once had very little access to education, now have a primary and secondary school that was built by members of the community and is educating grades preschool through grade seven. As we shared last month, children at Revive Christian School have embraced their education and have hope for their future. Lives are being changed…

As we have watched physical and mental health improve, we have also seen lives transformed spiritually. A community that was once predominantly Muslim, has been touched by the love of Christ and now calls the majority Christians. We thank Jesus for all He is doing in the hearts and minds of our friends in Sierra Leone!

This month we CELEBRATE all that God has done and continues to do in Sierra Leone and we thank you for your prayers and continued financial support!

“Be doers of the word, and not hearers only…” – James 1:22

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A holistic ministry that:


ILF Sustainability Program

ILF’s sustainability program aims to come along side members of the community to flourish and become pillars of strength, inspired leaders, and faithful providers through the following programs:

  • Adult Vocational Program
  • Literacy program
  • Sustainable farming programs
  • Community hygiene education

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ILF Sustainability Program


Brick Making Program

A vocational ministry empowering people to provide for their families and build their communities for and by locals communities.

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Child Sponsorship

At ILF, we believe that children in developing communities like Mankneh, Sierra Leone need to be cared for holistically in order to thrive and flourish! Child Sponsorship provides these children with opportunities to learn and grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

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Holistic Leadership Training


What is courage? As a Christian, courage is the willingness to set fear aside and say or do the right thing regardless of the earthly cost. Courage involves taking a risk and it is always produced by faith. As Christians, we are called to be courageous for our faith…

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ILF’s holistic ministry entails more than sponsoring a program. It goes beyond short-term, relief-oriented aid. It is a promise of hope, it is a confirmation of God’s grace. Thank you for helping us to make an impact.

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