Happy Thanksgiving!

In a season that is filled with uncertainty, we certainly can choose to have much to be grateful for. Today, because of your dedication, support, and trust, ILF continues to promote a message of hope to those who God has called us to serve.

Since ILF Started its ministry in 2007, thousands of lives have been impacted through God’s holistic vision in our ministry.

  • Many remote communities in India, Nepal and Africa are transformed and now have access to clean water
  • Children who once had no hope in their future, now have the opportunity to receive free education and have access to free medical care
  • 100’s of life saving hernia repair operations have been performed
  • Over 500 free nutrition rich meals are currently served through Revive Africa Christian schools
  • By the grace of God, we have witnessed over a thousand salvations in Sierra Leone Africa
  • During the pandemic, thousands of home-made masks were distributed
  • Through the ILF Holistic Outreach, a massage of love and hope was shared in the remote communities that no other relief agency was able to reach.

During a season filled with uncertainty, we would like to invite you to join us and choose “gratitude” to be the message of Thanksgiving this year.

Gratitude for those opportune moments when in God’s grace, together, we can be the salt and the light of hope shining through the clouds of hopelessness.

Gratitude for what your encouragement, generosity and faithful presence have meant to the lives that are impacted by it.

Gratitude for the holistic vision in which, we are called to Empower, Equip, Engage and SERVE!

On behalf of the ILF family, we hope you and your loved ones are filled with gratitude, as you celebrate Thanksgiving this year.

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A holistic ministry that:


Community transformation

Holistic transformation of the life of a child is a community effort, but it starts one day at the time. Join us to connect with and support children in Sierra Leone Africa, pray for them and help them build a more confident and successful future.

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Personal messages from ILF children



11.30 is Giving Tuesday. Every year ILF receives needed funds towards specific projects and this year is no different. Our hope is to expand our feeding program, providing necessary nutrition for children in multiple villages. We need your help! Please consider us as this special day approaches.

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Giving Tuesday


Community Partner Highlight

Meet Jacob (pictured left). Jacob has been a supporter of ILF for several years through prayer support, financial giving, encouraging the team and he was part of 2017 volunteer team in Sierra Leone. He is humble, generous and engaging and we are so grateful for the time and support he has invested in ILF! Read more here.

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Jacob - Community Partner Highlight


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Group with Engage Equip Empower and Serve

Holistic Leadership Training


When we talk about dependence, we usually think about strong characters in our lives who we often rely on. To describe their strength, we use phrases like self-sufficient, independent, capable and often idolize people who poses such qualities, like our parents, our political heroes, our friends, our spouse or even ourselves at times. And when they fall short of our expectation, we often plea our disappointment to God and pose the question “why?”…

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Holistic Ministry Education library: Click here


ILF’s holistic ministry entails more than sponsoring a program. It goes beyond short-term, relief-oriented aid. It is a promise of hope, it is a confirmation of God’s grace. Thank you for helping us to make an impact.

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