Welcome 2021!

As we enter a new year, we hope this letter finds you with a renewed sense of hope. As a ministry, we know that a new year will be full of both challenges and successes, and we look forward with anticipation to what God will do through all of us together.

The other day one of our board members was asked, “why does ILF serve in Africa? Isn’t there a need all over the world?” What an important question! Why is ILF serving in Africa? The answer is quite simple. We desire to serve wherever we have access and feel the prompting of the Lord. At this time, that means Sierra Leone. As a Christian ministry, the Bible serves as a guide for the way we operate. The Bible is rich with verses on serving the poor, looking out for the widow, and taking care of your neighbor. It also talks about not just hearing the Word, but putting actions to it as well. We serve in Africa because it gives us an opportunity to put our faith into action by caring for those who need it, empowering individuals and communities to lift themselves up from poverty, and allow people to experience the love of God through action rather than words.

Our hope is that Impact A Life Foundation serves as a conduit of hope for those it serves as well as those who serve within it. We hope this ministry inspires people to serve, wherever they are at or wherever they feel led.

This is made possible because of you. Be it through prayers, encouragement, or donating time or resources, you are a driving force behind ILF. So thank you for trusting us and standing with us as we put faith into action.

Impact A Life, Board of Directors


Grace in Action: January Spotlight

Two women hugging and smiling Women’s Health
For the last two years, ILF has partnered with Days For Girls to bring education, training and resources related to mentruation and women’s health. ILF’s nurse and teachers have been trained to educate girls of age and well as provide reusable menstruation kits, which help keep girls healthy and in school.Learn more

Meet Karim
Hernia surgery recipient Karimu is just 5 years old. Now free from pain, he is able to participate in daily life with his family and friends.Click here to learn more about ILF’s Hernia Surgery program.
Karim after hernia sergery

Backpacks and Bibles - Goal met! FEATURED PROJECT…
Backpacks & Bibles

Thanks to donors like you, our aim to provide over 200 backpacks as well as a copy of The Gospel Story to each child of Revive Christian school has been met! A special thanks to all who gave! Any additional giving will help provide school resources.Read more


ILF Holistic Ministry

Holistic Understanding of God's vision

In this month’s two part series, we learn that in “understanding God’s vision” for a holistic ministry, one must:

  1. Pursue a ministry vision that integrates discipleship, evangelism, and social action, working toward a kingdom vision that brings together spiritual and social transformation
  2. Recognize both the individual and the systematic sources of problems and solutions to those problems. Read more

ILF’s holistic ministry entails more than sponsoring a program. It goes beyond short-term, relief-oriented aid. It is a promise of hope, it is a confirmation of God’s grace. Thank you for helping us to make an impact.