Merry Christmas!

The above picture is the ILF leadership team. It represents different tribes, backgrounds, and stories of teachers, nannies, security guards, directors and cooks. All these people work towards the same goal because of what Jesus has done for them and what they are seeing God do in Sierra Leone. What God has and is doing is simply miraculous, and our hope is that over the last year you have seen a glimpse of this as so many of you have sponsored a child, been a prayer or financial partner or have listened to ILF stories over a cup of coffee.

To quote one of the above leaders, “Jesus gave himself for us and continues to show [His] love for us by providing food, school, a place to worship. I will serve Him because I love him, and because He first loved me…”

With Christmas just a few days away, we are reminded that all ILF has done and will do is because Jesus first loved us. We want to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas as well as a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for your partnership with us over the last year. We are thankful for the family of ILF supporters and volunteers, and we are humbled that we can stand together alongside communities in Sierra Leone with you all.


ILF Board of Directors

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A holistic ministry that:


Connecting with One Another

Child Sponsorship is a way to connect with, pray for and grow with children in Sierra Leone. If you and your family are interested, please consider sponsorship!

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"One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world." - Malala Yousafzai


Building Community Leaders

ILF’s sustainability program is teaching all ages the importance of health, nutrition and farming. This is holistic ministry in action!

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Did You Know?

Impact a Life foundation (ILF) was started in 2007 as a humanitarian outreach to underprivileged areas in India and Nepal. Pictured is Cyrus Mafi, founder and current Chairman. Hear more of our story here.

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Cyrus with children


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Woman teaching class

Holistic Leadership Training


“The Christian tradition unequivocally affirms that humility is a virtue. Christians did not invent humility as a virtue ― it is there in the Hebrew scriptures already ― but Christian scripture and subsequent Christian thought put humility at the center of the moral life in an unprecedented way…”

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ILF’s holistic ministry entails more than sponsoring a program. It goes beyond short-term, relief-oriented aid. It is a promise of hope, it is a confirmation of God’s grace. Thank you for helping us to make an impact.

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