In 2016, ILF began working in Sierra Leone with the vision to glorify God through empowering people rather than simply providing for them. Rather than providing for what have been very legitimate needs, ILF has come along side locals to build upon their talents, gifts, resources and confidence. As a result, local communities in Sierra Leone are looking to each other, and, in a holistic and collaborative approach, looking to God as their source, rather than the western world.

It has been nearly a year and a half since the Board of Directors have been on the ground in Sierra Leone. And to some degree, this time has tested our vision to be an empowerment based ministry. While the challenges have been real, we have watched the local leaders address significant obstacles, draw the community together, and grow in their faith in Jesus. We have witnessed ILF team members rise up, such as our newly appointment head master, Mrs. Kamara, who is leading the Revive Christian school through the challenges of growing student numbers, covid response and inclusion of additional students from surrounding villages.

In just one week, the Impact a Life Board will be traveling to Sierra Leone after a year and a half apart. We go not out of necessity, but because much like a family, we long to be together, to encourage one another and see the progress that the Lord has been leading in. Some of the tasks we hope to accomplish while there are as follows:

  • Deliver letters and pictures that sponsors have sent for their sponsored child through ILF’s Child Sponsorship program
  • Visit villages that have been the recipients of the Holistic Outreach program which has provided medications, covid response/prevention, and the gospel message
  • Spend time encouraging, and loving on the communities, churches and staff of ILF
  • Visit the many projects and programs that are continuing to grow, spending time praying over them.

We are so grateful for the prayers, encouragement and financial support of you all. As we go to Sierra Leone next week, we bring with us so many stories and encouragements from many of you. This is such a blessing to the team! Thank you for your continued support and may God bless you all.

The Impact A Life Board of Directors


Grace in Action: April Spotlight

Thank You!
Next week each student of Revive School will receive a special gift of a backpack and Gospel story book. This was made possible because of special project and child sponsor donors like so many of you.When members of Station 78 Firehouse heard what ILF was up to, they also donated enough stuffed animals for each backpack! Want to learn more about child sponsorship?Click to learn more
Each student of Revive School received a special gift of a backpack and Gospel story book

Spiritual Enrichment at Impact A Life Foundation
Spiritual Enrichment

Impact a Life Foundation is a Christian-based ministry. We believe in a holistic view of the gospel that demonstrates the love of God not just through words, but also through actions.

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Financially Transparent

ILF’s goal is to be a good steward of the generous donations you have given. That is why 98.8 percent of all donations went directly to local projects and operations in 2020!

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Allotment of Proceeds for 2020


ILF Holistic Ministry

This month:

Seeking Jesus

Seeking JesusUnderstanding the importance of the centrality of Jesus in all circumstances is a key to holistic ministry. Join us as we explore the topic of “seeking Jesus through prayer for vision, through challenges, and in thanksgiving.”  Click here to read more.

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ILF’s holistic ministry entails more than sponsoring a program. It goes beyond short-term, relief-oriented aid. It is a promise of hope, it is a confirmation of God’s grace. Thank you for helping us to make an impact.