Impact A Life: Sierra Leone, Africa – Hernia Epidemic
Written by: Cyrus Mafi

Sierra Leone does not have serious Ebola cases anymore. But another disease that seemingly has impacted more communities “Hernia”. I could not believe it myself when Roland shared with me last year that Hernia kills people more than any other sickness in Sierra Leone today. The reason many people are affected by this disease, and in some cases killed by it, is mainly the lack of mechanical transportation. Almost everything carried by the local villagers, is on their head, back, shoulders, etc. They must walk miles to carry items to or from the village. When someone collapses of Hernia the person is either taken by a motor bike or carried in a hammock to the main road. Only to wait several days (due to subpar road conditions) for an ambulance to transport them to the nearest center. “In the process, some patients cannot survive the pain and subsequently die.” Absence of drinking water, malnutrition, and harsh working conditions in African heat is another contributor to Hernia.

Impact A Life Foundation is among the few organizations in Sierra Leone that has recognized this problem and through the Revive Africa Christian projects, is identifying the affected individuals (currently in Mankneh village near Makeni) and providing the medical attention needed to combat this curable but unspoken epidemic. Though we are not rich with big donors, we do what we can to make a difference in God’s kingdom by serving the less privileged.




On October 19th a team of volunteers will be heading back to Sierra Leone, Africa. Leading up to the trip, our volunteers will be guest posting here each day.

We can truly use any help, small or big as Impact A Life Foundation volunteers pay for their own trip expenses. If you would like to donate towards the ILF projects in Africa, know that 100% of your funds will be used solely for the project, and your every dollar helps to change lives.

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