As long as most of us can remember, the Christian concept of bearing our personal loads and sufferings—“carrying the cross”—has been endemic in our way of thinking and in how we conduct our lives, weaving its own tapestry of Christ-like attitude and example to help us shoulder the burdens of everyday life. The phrase issues a challenge to personally soldier on in a quiet but strong belief that produces its own method of resolve and self-accountability, not only as a result of our own actions but also in finding acceptance for the inexplicable things that happen to all of us that we can’t control.

But while enduring personal trials is indeed a daunting and formidable task for all, today bearing one’s own cross is simply not enough. Starvation and political upheaval are uprooting hundreds of thousands of sufferers around the globe. In addition, resource-rich countries that lack the means to help themselves, like so many in Africa, are plagued with poverty, illiteracy, and epidemic diseases. Their plight summons people of faith everywhere with unprecedented urgency to push beyond the struggles of their own personal lives and extend a helping hand to those in need, just as Simon of Cyrene was compelled to do in aiding Christ to shoulder the Cross on the way to the Mount of Calvary.

That’s why the Impact a Life Foundation was created: To help bear the cross of others. Our holistic approach attends to both the humanitarian as well as spiritual needs of less privileged communities. Currently, we have focused our efforts on three specific geographic areas of dire need: Sierra Leone (West Africa), Basouli (India), and Katmandu (Nepal). We believe that the hand of God touches those in need through the hands of others more fortunate. That’s you and me. And together we can make an impact. Did you know that a modest $50 donation can provide a year’s worth of books and school supplies for a child?


ABC World News Tonight with David Muir, recently reporting on the famine devastation in four African nations, said that aids working there called it “the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II.” That is a staggering assessment. One that can only change with a change of heart—by others, like ourselves.

Join us in helping to ease the weighty cross that these afflicted people carry on weary shoulders. Visit our website at to see how you can make an impact. Show your heart! Let God’s work shine through you.