Health and Wellness

A third of West Africa’s population are between the age of 10–24. These youth are growing up in an environment plagued by poverty, limited educational opportunities, health threatening diseases, and weak social control. Serving through ILF’s holistic ministry, we believe that the individuals can focus on improving their community only when the needs of their health and wellness are met.

We believe that God wants us to care about the whole person in those we serve.  We are to love others as we love ourselves (Mk. 12:31).  Just as we attend to the whole of who we are, so we should care for the whole person of those whom we serve.

ILF’s Health and Wellness programs aims to EMPOWER through the following:

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Please consider supporting our Health & Wellness programs

Hernia kills more people than any other sickness in Africa today.” Absence of drinking water, malnutrition, and harsh working conditions in African heat are the main contributor.
Cost: $120 per surgery.

Donations for Health & Wellness will support:

    • Nutrition and hygiene
    • Clean water
    • Hernia repair
    • Medical attention

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Please consider supporting our Health & Wellness programs

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