In order to create sustainability, and address humanitarian needs in Mankneh, we are teaching the people of Mankneh how to grow their own crops so they can feed their families, and also so they can earn an income by selling part of their crops. People in Mankneh who attend church services regularly will receive seeds and a plot of land to use. They will be expected to reimburse the Revive Africa project by paying for the seeds they received with money they earn from selling their crops, or by returning the same amount of seeds they had been given in order to start their farming business.

Big news for the village is that, after a 10 hour long journey (due to a leaky tire), the rented tractor arrived so they can start plowing the fields. We have a setback though, the tractor does not have a plow attachment. The tractor came with a harrow disc, which is used after plowing. We only have the tractor for a week, so it’s imperative that we find a plow disc either to rent or to purchase. This is an unexpected setback and additional funding is needed in order to get this project (and the tractor) moving this week.

If you feel called to give to this project, please do so here: