Child Sponsorship

In conjunction with Impact A Life’s approach to the gospel, we believe that children in developing communities like Mankneh, Sierra Leone need to be cared for holistically in order to thrive and flourish! Child Sponsorship provides these children with opportunities to learn and grow physically, mentally and spiritually. When you become a sponsor you are not just helping transform one childs life, but through them, their family and entire community will be impacted. Your monthly contribution of $30 a month will help make all of this possible!

Please consider supporting our Child Sponsorship program

As a sponsor you will be able to witness the impact of your contribution through photos and letters from your child as well as annual progress updates from Impact A Life staff. You will also have the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with your child by praying for them, sending encouragement via letters and photos of you and your family, etc. All of which will bring that child hope that will last a lifetime!

Cost per child a month: $30

Your support provides a child with life-changing opportunities:

  • Enrollment in or continued attendance at Revive Christian School
  • Consistent and potentially life-saving medical care
  • Clean drinking water
  • Hygiene education

Giving monthly is the most powerful way to donate!

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