Hygiene Training in Sierra Leone

It’s important to understand the audience when bringing training into a remote village in Sierra Leone. My insecurities surrounding the fact that I’m 1) not a nurse and 2) don’t have the ‘proper’ education to teach others about hygiene were quickly squashed as soon as I visited the village and realized just how basic the training Read more about Hygiene Training in Sierra Leone[…]

Cyrus Mafi

Humble Beginnings in Sierra Leone (written by: Cyrus Mafi)

It was January 2016. I was preparing for my trip to Sierra Leone West Africa. I had already played out in mind what my experience should look like… Two weeks later, after I returned home to Seattle reflecting on the past few days, I had to throw away all my expectations, presumptions and views as an Read more about Humble Beginnings in Sierra Leone (written by: Cyrus Mafi)[…]