India update

Dear Cyrus,

Hope everything is fine with the God’s grace. I have not sent any updates for a long time, so my apologies.
I wish to communicate that all four of our schools driven by our organization “Impact a life foundation” are reopening from 1st of July after summer vacation.

This institution has completed a year, and we have given a tremendous change in them which is, in itself, a great achievement. The children, who were unknown to school, now understand its importance and are also encouraging others to join. Today, they themselves are ready for school and have already learned a lot.

Today the institution has a strength of six hundred students, and this could happen only because of your cooperation. After school opens, we have planned a rally with the kids with the objective to encourage more people towards education and to save our environment. Students of our school are very brilliant, and they will shine our name into the future.

With the schools reopening soon, we need to provide them with books, bags and stationeries, so we need funds this time by the month’s end.

Now I wish to give a brief description of the all the four villages. People are all happy and appreciating our works towards education, health, environment and development. They believe in us in spite of their past experiences with other groups being very bad.

I already told you and you also experienced the circumstances, but now we have gradually made life easy there. In Basauli, there were severe problems with water, roads, electricity and employment, but now we have made things easier.

We have managed providing them with drinking water, and now roads with the government aids. Electricity is also about to come, and for that pillars have already been managed. Afterwards, we will work on their employment. We are also doing the same in Gadarpur, Kariyai, Raghunathpur and gradually will get success there as well.

You and Impact a Life cooperated fantastically. All of us, especially the people of villages, are paying their sincere gratitude for your cooperation, because without that nothing would have been possible.

Rest all are fine, take care!!!!!!

Warm regards,
Sundeep Bharadwaj