The Journey of Impact A Life

Less than a year ago, last July, we started the Impact a Life project in India. Not knowing what to expect, and nervous if we would be able to sustain our support on a consistent basis, we were just a small company yet a team with enormous hearts.

Trusting the leadership of our project manager in India, Sundeep Kumar, we delved into taking on the challenges of Basauli in BP province near Varanasi, India. It is a village of some 500 farmers who were robbed of their livelihood and land by the corrupted landlords, forcing them to do day labor work in order to support their families. A village with no drinking water, no roads, no school, no electricity and above all no hope for a better tomorrow.

It is now nine months past the time we started this project. We have managed, with the help of local villagers, to build a school for the children of Basauli, along with an additional three schools since providing education to over 400 students. Cost: $500.00 a month.

Basauli has now drinking water (after some 150 years). Cost: $700.00

There is road built to give driving access to the village, saving the commuters’ hours of walking to get to any usable road. Cost: $2,500.00

We have managed to convince the local government to help in offering electricity to Basauli. We will have the wires light up the first light bulb in April, 2010. Cost: $2,500.00

Impact a Life foundation is now recognized as an authorized school and education provider by the India’s Health and Education Department. We have 13 teachers and continue growing stronger every day.

We have gained trust among the local villagers, as for the first time there is a helping hand with no political or financial agenda or expectations.

Recently, when I met with Sundeep in India I asked him if he ready to settle down, form a family and kids of his own. He replied, “How can I think of anything else, when I’m blessed with 400 children who now, for the first time, have the hope to be able to become somebody? I am honored to educate them and to shape and change the future of an otherwise corrupted society.”