Your support at work… Class Update on the School in Basauli village

Dear Cyrus,

I hope everything is fine with the blessings of god.

I wish to convey to you that our educational program is running smoothly and the people are appreciating everything we have done so far.

I received a couple of phone calls from the media but I denied it at this point of time. I asked them to give me some more time. The news is that now the number of students is increasing every day. As of now there are 152 students and we are unable to deny the newcomers. After sometimes the exact number of participating students would be cleared.

We visited Basauli on July 8th & prepared the place for classes. Some work is still pending which would be completed within a day or 2. I am sending you the photos of the place we are conducting classes currently. We also distributed bags, books, copies &snacks on 8th of July during the visit. At the same time, we also distributed some medicines.

I also wish to update you that kids are learning excellently in numbers & alphabets. The happiness of the kids cannot be expressed in words. You will see them firsthand whenever you come. Today I also taught them to keep themselves clean. Our local coordinator Suresh suffered with some stomach infection. We provide him medical aid & he went under some investigation. We have categorized the kids into 3 parts 3-5 yrs., 6-8yrs., 8-11yrs. We also kept a 4 register form there to track their progress.

I also met with the district magistrate of Robetrtsgang & told him about our project, also we told him about the need of electricity & water in the village & he assured us for the same.

We appointed 4 staff members today. They are Somnath, Naveen, & Dinesh. Their job is teaching .Suresh is our local coordinator; his job is to create awareness & inspire villagers to send their kids to school. We have also provided some playing materials there like football, badminton, & cricket bat & ball. We have distributed salary for the month of July to everybody & also bought some books & bags & chairs, plastic sheets, mats blackboards. I will send you the details of expenses in the end of this month. Rest, all are fine.

I will keep you posted on further developments. My regards to your family & take care.

God bless.

Sundeep from Varanasi