February 26, 2017

Mankneh | Sierra Leone, West Africa

Project Established: 2016

Mission: To change the face of poverty by providing a Christian based education in a village with no school and very low literacy rates. To promote self-sufficiency to an entire community by training up leaders. To meet them where they are, and to nurture their health by providing much needed basic health and hygiene training and life-saving hernia repair surgeries as needed.



Children of the Revive Africa Christian School in Mankneh | Sierra Leone, West Africa (Photo courtesy of Hannah Brown photography)

  • 117 Salvations and Baptisms
  • We built a church building where the villagers meet every Sunday to worship
  • We built a school which includes 4 classrooms and serves 100 children in the community
  • Over 55 hernia repair surgeries have been performed, saving lives and providing relief to many
  • 4 teachers are currently enrolled in a pastoral training program
  • With our help, the village farmed 90 acres of rice, and 10 acres of peanuts, supplying the villagers with much-needed resources for an entire year
  • Installed a well (cost: $2500) which provides clean water to the entire village


Current Work:

  • Hygiene training (ongoing)
  • We are installing hand-washing stations at every home – to further promote better hygiene practices in the village
  • Pastoral training (ongoing)
  • We are working on an ongoing rice distribution plan – so every family is well fed
  • We conduct monthly medical checkups for Revive Africa Christian School students
  • We have committed to 5 hernia surgeries a month. We have 450 people on a waiting list for this service. Hernia repair surgery costs: $100 USD

Fundraising Objectives:

  • Obtain a tractor for the farming initiative (one time cost of $25,000 USD)
  • New uniforms for the students (annually)
  • Build 6 proper toilets in the village to promote better hygiene (one time cost $2,000 USD)
  • Child sponsorship ($30/month x 100 students)