February 26, 2017

Mankneh | Sierra Leone, West Africa

Project Established: 2016

Mission: To change the face of poverty by providing a Christian based education in a village with no school and very low literacy rates. To promote self-sufficiency to an entire community by training up leaders. To meet them where they are, and to nurture their health by providing much needed health and hygiene training and life-saving hernia repair surgeries.



Children of the Revive Africa Christian School in Mankneh | Sierra Leone, West Africa (Photo courtesy of Hannah Brown photography)

  • 160 Salvations and Baptisms
  • Installed a well (cost: $2500) which provides clean water to the entire village – year round
  • Built a school which includes 4 classrooms and serves 100 children in the community
  • Built a church building where the villagers meet every Sunday to worship
  • Over 60 hernia repair surgeries have been performed, saving lives and providing relief to many
  • 4 teachers are currently enrolled in a pastoral training program
  • Empowered the village to farm 90 acres of rice, and 10 acres of peanuts, supplying the villagers with much-needed resources for an entire year
  • Built new shared toilet facilities in the village to promote better hygiene (one time cost $2,000 USD)
  • Provided Days For Girls training for the women and children in the village. School aged girls received free menstrual kits so they don’t have to miss school

Current Work:

  • Complete build out of health clinic
  • Start up Vocational Training Center
  • Health and hygiene training
  • Pastoral training
  • Install hand-washing stations at every home
  • Conduct monthly medical checkups for Revive Africa Christian School students
  • Send 5 patients/month for hernia surgeries (there are currently 450 people on our waiting list for this service).

Fundraising Objectives:

  • New uniforms for the students (annually)
  • Child sponsorship: $30/month x 100 students
  • Hernia repair surgeries: $500/month
  • Health Clinic: $800
  • Monthly teachers salaries: $450
  • Install wall/fence around Revive Africa facilities: $3,910
  • Vocational School: $3,790
  • Solar Panels for the school/ILF office in Mankneh (includes parts and labor): $4,517