May 22, 2017

Lisa J. Marks

Lisa Marks

Formerly a Chief Executive Officer with the American Red Cross, Lisa is a trusted advisor with Wheless Partners and offers invaluable vision and connectivity when identifying and accessing great leaders within nonprofits, higher education, and for corporate boards of directors. She is known as a credible and dependable subject matter expert in advancement and fundraising, foundations, and not-for-profit enterprises – their organizational structures and operational systems. Lisa’s expertise provides valued insights on behalf of organizations across the world.

Lisa has a deep-seated commitment to global peace via cultural exchange.  She grew up in a family which exposed her to cultures and languages through books, music, and a very special doll collection. At a time when the world was not as interconnected as today, and the small town where she lived offered little to no racial or ethnic diversity of its own – she knew with certainty “That which is God dwells in everyone and in everything.”  What she knew in her heart bloomed into a genuine desire to truly understand people from other places with different histories and traditions – to identify similarities and common ground, and explore and celebrate differences.  This interest set the stage for her studying abroad for a year; developing a personal undergraduate degree program at the University of Missouri that combined international relations, intercultural communication, and human and family development; as well as working with Youth For Understanding to place international students with American host families and hosting students herself.

Lisa’s professional path has always given her a platform to connect people with programs and with each other, and her commitment to peace through understanding has never waned.  Recently, she was honored to serve as an election observer for the Central European Group for Political Monitoring during the presidential election in the Republic of Azerbaijan, a unique experience which allowed her to interact with a diverse group of individuals and families from both the city of Baku and in small villages in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains.  Lisa continues to create a fulfilling life of continuous learning that supports her personal purpose of helping others discover and develop their greatest selves.  She enjoys singing, photography, and hiking the shores of Lake Superior.

Why Impact a Life Foundation?

My tradition teaches that:
Our life is love, and peace, and tenderness; and bearing one with another, and forgiving one another, and not laying accusations one against another; but praying for another, and helping one another up with a tender hand.  – Isaac Penington 1667

Impact A Life Foundation represents all of this for me.  It is an organization committed to being a living example of Love and Light and service to others, no matter their path.  This, combined with the Foundation’s emphasis on international programs that foster health, education, self-sufficiency, confidence, and personal pride – this mission speaks to me – heart and soul.

I feel strongly that we all must work together to overcome the inequities that exist around the most basic of human needs.  All I asked was, “How can I be of service?” Impact a Life Foundation was the answer.  I am inspired and humbled.