February 26, 2017

Katmandu, Nepal

In a country where there is no social security and the political situation is highly controversial, the easiest form of teaching trust is to show an unbiased LOVE to a child or helping him to be cared for in a family-like environment.

Nepal is among the world’s poorest and least developed countries, with a third of its population living under the poverty line. Due to the lack of education and industries, the economy is still largely based on agriculture. The main foreign currency earners for the country are remittance, carpet exports, garment exports and tourism. Although the decade-long civil (a conflict between Government Forces and Maoist Rebels) has ended, there are lots of children displaced by it; some have lost one or both of their parents. These children need proper care and education before they end up in an undesirable situation. Impact a Life Foundation aims to provide these children with a proper home, where they can live free of fear and persecution, and work towards making them good citizens of the world…