March 7, 2017

Dan K. Edmondson

Dan K. EdmondsonBorn in Los Angeles CA. For over thirty years, Dan has been a Pastor, Bible Teacher and most recently an Associate at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission.

Dan and Cyrus visited Sierra Leone Africa for the first time in 2016. “I would never be the same” Dan said, upon returning from his life changing trip from West Africa.

Why Revive Africa Project:
I believe that God wanted me to play a role in bringing education to countless little villages that have no schools. I guess, it was this picture taken by homeschooling nanny Hannah Brown that mostly stirred my heart. “I remember growing up in church. We used to sing a song that went like this: ‘red and yellow, black and white they are precious in His sight – Jesus loves the little children of the world!’ I realize this song is no longer politically correct, but for me it pretty much sums it up. God loves all people. Education is a wonderful way to communicate that love.”

Dan and his wife Janet live in Seattle, WA.