March 7, 2017

Cyrus Mafi

My name is Cyrus Mafi. My roots took shape in the hardworking communities in Persia and the warm hearted people of Norway. I call Seattle home. I was born in a liberal Moslem family in Tehran and was drafted in the Iran/ Iraq war at the age 18. A war that resulted in me defying religion for the major part of my adult life. Believing the essential core of humanity became the source of my strength and aspiration. I got my degree in Aeronautical engineering from the University of Oslo in Norway and finished my studies in Aerodynamics in London. Moved to Seattle WA in 1991 and Through an uncanny revelation while hiking in Catalina Island Ca. in 2012 I received the Lord at the age 48. Today, though my conviction in humanitarian outreach is the same, my motivation takes an ever evolving root in my faith.

I started Mafi International in 1994, a rug design development, production and import company through countries in middle and far East. My business quickly became an avenue to visit underserved communities in India, Nepal and recently Africa. I continually meet people who generously share their laughter, their tears and their joys. A privilege which allows me to Glorify God’s Kingdome and his inclusive love that is not trapped in any race, color, ethnic or religious background.

Ultimately in 2007, I made a conscious decision to combine my passion in Poetry and photography with my travels to destinations not commonly explored. It started as an attempt to re-live and share many of these emotional moments with my friends and fans around the world.

Today, in God’s grace, I hope to share my story as well as the story of the amazing people that I meet along my path to raise awareness and inspiration through a group effort we refer to as Impact a Life Foundation”.