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Impact A Life Foundation is formed on a simple principal and an optimistic wish... make an impact in the lives of people deprived of a resourceful environment. It is a Gospel centered ministry shared by the selfless individuals that are devoted to providing hope to the underprivileged communities. Wherever they may be.

With an ongoing effortm and the support of bighearted partners, we have been fulfilling some of these basic needs that are so often neglected; Christian education, building schools, providing hygiene classes, housing, food and health care to name a few. ILF’s holistic approach is to attend to both the humanitarian as well as the spiritual needs of less privileged communities. may our efforts the first step towards not only establishing a Christ center faith and self-dependence, but also empowering individuals to improve the living conditions of their families, communities and, ultimately, their future generation.


Thank for your support and interest in our cause.
Our goal is that together, in faith, we can continue to make an impact… one life at a time! Learn more about our programs below:

It is hard to believe that:

  • $30 can help a mother attend classes in the ILF literacy program.
  • $50 can provide a year's worth of books and school supplies for a child.
  • $150 can provide medical attention and hygiene per child
  • $200 can provide needed nutrition for one child
  • $300 can provide pastoral and education trading to a teacher
  • $430 can provide an entire year of schooling, Medical and Nutrition for a child
  • $2,500 can build a well providing drinking water to an entire village
  • $5,000 can construct a school with two classrooms

we all can make an impact

However difficult it may seem at times, we all are called to bear one another's cross

Many resource rich communities around the world are plagued with poverty, illiteracy, and epidemic diseases. The corruption, greed and lawlessness often robs them from the opportunity to rise from the ashes of hopelessness; but no matter the geographic location, poverty has a certain pride, generosity, contentment, and in many cases shares a thirst for spiritual quench. However difficult it may seem at times, we all are called to bear one another's cross.

Humanity’s dream is contained; A warm meal, drinking water, medical attention, education or a legacy to brighten the future of the next generation. And sometimes only a caring prayer. Don’t we all share the same dream?

Even though we are just delving into the vast ocean of poverty, our ministry would not have been fulfilled without the presence of God and dedication of the selfless people who continually remind us that "this is in fact our world... and we all can make an impact".

  • 1 in 5 children are without access to safe water (

  • 1 in 7 children world-wide lack access to Health Services (

  • 47 percent of the children in India are underweight in the poorest urban quartile (Sage Journals, 2011)

Our team

Cyrus Mafi

Today, though my conviction in humanitarian outreach is the same, my motivation takes an ever evolving root in my faith.
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Dan K. Edmondson

Dan and Cyrus visited Sierra Leone Africa for the first time in 2016. “I would never be the same” Dan said, upon returning from his life changing trip from West Africa.
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Roland G. Turay

Dr. Roland Galmand Turay is currently living in Makeni and working with the local North SL communities in educational and humanitarian projects.
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Britan Cosand

Britan has been involved in international relief and humanitarian efforts in nine countries over the last decade.
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Shauna Myron

When Shauna was a child, she dreamed that one day she would grow up to be a missionary in Africa.
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Lisa Marks

Lisa has a deep-seated commitment to global peace via cultural exchange. She grew up in a family which exposed her to cultures and languages through books, music, and a very special doll collection.
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